Business Lines

CEREALIS sources and supplies cereals for both the human food and animal feed sectors, all over the world and as close as possible to its customers.



Milling wheat and other cereals from France, are loaded at Rouen, Europe’s leading cereals port, or at La Pallice

But also wheat from Poland, Germany, Canada, and cereals from Argentina, are sourced and shipped from each of these countries…


Our long-standing market is supplying private mills in West and Central Africa, where we master the logistical constraints and challenges.  

Our capabilities also enable us to respond regularly to our customers in the Middle East, East Africa, and Japan.

Controlling supply chains

Our long-standing partnership with GROUPE Bz, a French grain collector, enables us to guarantee our customers grain selections that meet their needs. Located in Normandy, France, Bz silos offer us a major logistical advantage for our shipments from the port of Rouen, Europe’s leading grain port and our main ship-loading site.

Depending on logistical and harvesting requirements, wheat is also loaded from the port of La Pallice, which is open to the Atlantic. Our close collaboration with the French industry and our expertise in grain and terroirs have enabled us to expand into more demanding niche markets..

We have also diversified our sources, notably with wheat from Germany, Poland, and the Baltic.

Depending on their needs and the market situation, we also offer our customers wheat qualities and cereals from other origins, such as Canada and Argentina.